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Oxford Common File Layout Specification v1.1 Change Log

7 October 2022


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Changes from OCFL v1.0 to v1.1

Version 1.1 of the OCFL Specification is a minor version update to the OCFL Specification v1.0. The focus is correction and clarification, plus the addition of backwards compatible rules for the specification conformance of prior object versions.

Additions in v1.1

Add requirements to specification version number sequence

Added Conformance of prior versions section to clarify that existing version directories in an object are immutable and that the specification version number sequence must be monotonic. Adds error code E103. (Issue #544)

Clarifications in v1.1

One conformance declaration per object and storage root

Update the Object Conformance Declaration and Root Conformance Declaration sections to clarify that there must be exactly one version declaration file. Error codes E003 and E076 correspondingly updated. (Issue #581)

Inventory uses UTF-8 encoding

In Inventory section, clarify that UTF-8 encoded JSON must be used for the inventory.json files. (Issue #514)

Version naming convention

Update wording in Version Directories section to talk about version consistency for all versions of an object-at-rest, rather than in terms of the process for adding a version. (Issue #541)

Clarify manifest block requirements

Add language in Manifest section to clarify that the manifest block must be a JSON object (adding error code E106) and that the each key must correspond to a digest value key found in one or more state blocks (adding error code E107). (Issue #537)

Clarify manifest requirements in historic inventories

Wording of the Content Directory section improved to make it clear that for each historical inventory, the manifest must reference every file in that version directory. (Issue #538)

Clarify language and error codes for version numbers

Change Version Directories section to be more specific about version numbers. Adds error code E104 for the specific case of missing prefix v, and E105 for the specific case of using positive base-ten integers. (Issue #532)

Clarify that the content directory must be a direct child of the version directory

Change Content Directory section to make it clear that the contentDirectory must indicate a direct child of the version directory. Adds error code E108. (Issue #530)

Clarify that id must be the same across all versions

Update Basic Structure section to make it clear that the id must not change between versions of the same object. Adds error code E110. (Issue #542)

Use logical state consistently

Use the notion of “logical state” consistently in the Version, Version Inventory and Inventory Digest and BagIt in an OCFL Object sections. (Issue #571)

Clarify digest value case sensitivity requirements

Change Manifest and Fixity sections to make it clear that the additional requirement for each digest value to appear only once in the manifest or fixity block applies only to case-insensitive digest algorithms. (Issue #573)

Clarify that fixity value must be a JSON object

Change Fixity section to specify that the value of the fixity key must be a JSON object. An empty object ({}) is allowed, but a JSON null value is not. Added error code E111 and made E055 more specific. (Issue E558)

Clarify use of registered and local extensions

Change Object Extensions and Storage Root Extensions to define registered extensions in terms of the OCFL Extensions Repository. Added Documenting Local Extensions section to describe local extensions. Adds error codes E112 and E113, updates error code E067, and removes error codes E068 and E086 which were not being used within the community. Adds warning code W016. (Issues #557, #565)

Improve guidance on inclusion of specification in storage root

With the change from ReSpec to Markdown as the source format for the OCFL Specification it is now easy to store a complete copy of the specification in a storage root. This version suggests using the filename ocfl_1.1.md for a copy of the human-readable Markdown specification in the Root Structure section. (Issues #505, #554)

Fix examples to match the specification

Correct several examples that in the 1.0 specification did not fully comply with the specification. (Issue #539)

Reference RFC version of Bagit specification

Update the reference to the Bagit specification from the draft https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-kunze-bagit-17 to RFC8493. (Issue #571)

Corrections to validation codes

Per-version validation codes

Even for minor releases the validations codes may be updated. We have thus moved the validation-codes.md file into each version directory so that will be versioned along with the specification. The version of this file for the v1.1 specification is rendered as https://ocfl.io//spec/validation-codes.html. (Issue #553)

Fix E048 description

The E048 error description in validation-codes.md is corrected to remove mention of message and user because they are optional. (Issue #531)

Fix E070 description

The E070 error description in validation-codes.md is corrected to refer to extension rather than key (which was left from an earlier draft). (Issue #573)